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深圳 藝術沙龍#1

Our first Art Salon was held on June 2, 2013
The Gallery Opens to all for art viewing and discussion in Shenzhen for its first time.

What is contemporary Chinese art? How quickly is it changing? What should an art gallery be?

For the first time, a young Shenzhen gallery opens the door and shows its work to the public. For the previous year, The Dragon Year Gallery has been searching China high and low to find the best young Chinese contemporary artists and represent them to the public. The gallery started in 2012 but June 2, 2013 is the first day we share with the public the face of emerging contemporary art in China.

Our Art Salons will be a time to gather, drink some wine, and see new artworks.

Our biggest artwork of all is our gallery. We are trying, like our art, to reflect something new, something contemporary, a fresh way of thinking about art and of living artistically.

Our search for new artists is not over yet but we open the gallery with seven artists represented.