Yu Zhong Wen

Yu Zhong Wen graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 2007.


Awards and Exhibitions


2016 Singapore Contemporary – Singapore

2015 Asia Contemporary Art Show – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2015 AAF Seoul-Seoul, Korea

2015 The Shanghai Crossover Exhibition – Shanghai

2015 AAF Hong Kong – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2015 Asia Contemporary Art Show – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2014 Asia Contemporary Art Show – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2013 “Art-Shenzhen”, Shenzhen, China 2013 “Another Perspective of the World”, Solo Exhibition, ALLART, Beijing, China

2011 “Next 10 Years of Contemporary Art”, TODAY ART Museum, Beijing, China

2011 “Songzhuang Youth Artists”, Group Exhibition, Beijing, China 2011 Art Files for young artists born in the 1980s

2011 “My University Period as Dream Art”, opening ceremony exhibition, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China

2010 “May Fourth”, Youth Leadership Exhibition, Beijing, China

2010 “Young Artists Works”, joint Exhibition of JASON Gallery, Beijing, China

2009 Kick-Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2008 “New Sight”, the fifth outstanding works exhibition of the academies of fine arts in China, traveling exhibition


Yu Zhong Wen lives and works 100 km east of Beijing in a rural community of artists. His works engage with natural and female subjects, most often landscapes of the North China plains and western female. Yu evokes elements of Chinese traditional painting in a contemporary context.

His series of oil on paper focuses on themes of countryside, rocks, trees, and grass – drawing the viewer into an emotive realm of landscape that conveys the feelings from which the subject matter emerges. His oil works on canvas are often monumental in scale but intimate in experience as they explore the interaction between the people and the rural landscape. After many years of refinement, he engages his canvases with brush strokes that upon close examination remind one of the abstract forms and emotion of Jackson Pollack while achieving a collective affect not unlike John Singer Sargent or other 19th Century Hudson River School artists.

The works of Yu achieve an astonishing unity of form solidly founded in a synergy between Chinese traditional subjects reconsidered with contemporary technique and relevance.