Performance: Social Phobia


Performance " Social Phobia " by Ji Pu Xi (b.1996)
Curator: Molly Ling
The Dragon Year Gallery

With the development of society, the complexity of interpersonal relationship makes people become USB flash drive that carry a huge amount of information. Meanwhile, social phobia as mental disease is no longer cold, hidden characters, but intervenes our daily life frequently. Once social information rolls in personal life and each individual cannot get rid of it, our generation tends to be lost in social anxiety, with resistance and doubtfulness towards intimacy.

On July 2, artist Ji Pu Xi is going to demonstrate his performing art project “Social Phobia”. The artist fuses his personal experience, takes his body as text, and showcases condition when people suffer from social phobia, highlighting this phenomenon and calling for further discussion.

Ji Pu Xi was born in 1996 and now living in Shenzhen, with a focus on performing arts. He worked as a street photographer for one year and had got a chance to interact with people from all walks of life during this period. Hence he gets his deep understanding of social anxiety and intimacy. He found out the red film developer can resemble blood when he was using printing paper by chance. Inspired by that, he then started to work on this art exhibition.

His in-depth contact with strangers through street photography left him related images. He plans to merge photos, blood bags with his body. Strangers tear at and then take away photos of themselves, which lead to the breaking of blood bags. When the last photo is taken away, the artist is going to be full of blood, revealing the weakness and of transience among interpersonal relationship of mankind. Later, the artist is going to drill into a transparent cube, naked, with lots of ropes twining around his body. The other side of the rope is pulled by audience outside the cube. The inner ball represents social anxiety of each individual. Artists will then try to server the rope with a stubborn blade. The moment the last rope is cut off; the artist frees himself.

When social relationship becomes intolerable like the bulked roots above the ground and the twisted braches, for individual, it triggers alienation with its natural characteristic and destruction. Is it the perfect timing to rebuild everything as it has been broken into pieces? To rebuild intimate relationship, the first step is to confront oneself, a human being who is full of blood. When interpersonal relationship all around tries to pull, the stubborn blade perhaps stands for yelling and faint rebellion. This is the procedure of breaking into pieces and then rebuilding it. The artist is reborn to get rid of social anxiety.


7月02号,艺术家吉普希将在龙脉画廊进行一次名为Social Phobia(社交恐惧症)的行为艺术项目,试图融合自身的经历,以身体为文本,展现社交恐惧人群的状态,让这一现象得到重视和讨论。