Fang Zhi Yong

Born in 1980
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) with Master’s degree.




2015 & 2017

Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen
Unlimited, EGG Gallery Beijing
Murmur,  Parkview Green Beijing
Why Chinese Ink Painting, The First Sound Gallery , Beijing
The Frist Comprehensive Material painting in Jiangxi Provice, Jiu Jiang Museum
Art Central 2017 – Hong Kong
Singapore Contemporary – Singapore
The 5th NaDonal Youth Fine Arts Exhibition,China Art Museum, Shanghai,China
Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai,China
The 1st China Comprehensive Material Paintings Biennial,Ningbo Art Museum,Ningbo China
The Spring Season Art Show of COLD INK:FACING PAPER Ying Gallary,Beijing China
BLACK MEASURE,Curator Park 22nd Street Art Plaza,22nd Street Art Plaza,Beijing China.



The 3rd Art Show of Cold Ink Art -Coming out of the closet, TOKYO Gallery+BTAP,Beijing China
The 12th NaDonal Fine Arts Exhibition Museum of He Bei,Hebei China
Vigorous Force-An Avant-Garde AND Experimental Movement of Wash PainDng,Jin Du Art Center, Beijing China.
The 2nd Art Show of Cold Ink Art: INK MATTERS? Parkview Green Gallery,Beijing China.
Why Abstract Art -CAFA Art Museum,Beijing China
CHINA SPIRIT-Contemporary Art Exhibition – Jia pingwa Cultural Museum of Art,Xian China.
THE REALM OF ADVAITA-Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art Academies,Today Art Museum-Beijing China.



where will we go? Yuan Art Museum-Beijing China
The 10th Arts Festival of China- Special Exhibition of Comprehensive Material Paintings,JiNan Art Museum, JiNan China
The 1st Art Show of Cold Ink Art Parkview Green Gallery ,Beijing China.



“China Mood”the second session of Fine Arts Exhibition CAFA Art Museum,Beijing China.
Graduate cufng-edge Exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts.
The quintessence of Chinese culture center,Beijing China



Looking Back on China – Comprehensive Arts Exhibition for 100th Anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 NAMOC,Beijing China;.
Chongqing Art Biennale Sichuan Fine Art Institute,Chongqing China.
“China Mood”the first session of Fine Arts Exhibition
The quintessence of Chinese culture center,Beijing China
“Wuhan”walk through-contemporary young artists Public Art Presentation Exhibition Wuhan China



Prince Kung’s Mansion                         Beijing China

DSL Collection                                         France

Fabien Fryns Fine ART                           Belgium

JinDu Art                                                  Beijing China


YingSpace                                                  Beijing China

Private Collections